Our opioid management program helps to stem the growing tide of dependence on prescription painkillers. It assists physicians with clinical decision support at the point care (or within a payer’s prior authorization process) and helps them adhere to new federal guidelines on prescribing opioids.

The Palladian program is built on a preventive foundation using evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, and it provides clinical tools for physicians seeking to provide short-term pain relief for patients without unnecessarily exposing them to the risks of opioid overuse and addiction. The program also provides risk screening, telehealth outreach, member education, clinical outcomes reporting and a prescription monitoring system.

The inclusion of an opioid management program is a logical step for Palladian Health. Our spine care programs have long stressed conservative approaches to pain management, and we’re now applying our expertise to a program dedicated to minimizing opioid use. The public health crisis in opioid painkillers has taken a tremendous toll in employee healthcare cost and lost productivity, but more importantly in lives lost and impact on families and communities.