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Distinguished Advisors Join Palladian Health’s Board

Palladian Health’s Clinical Policy & Advisory Board (CPAB), which is composed of nationally renowned clinicians, academics, researchers and administrators, recently welcomed three new members. The CPAB advises Palladian on strategies to enhance the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and ensure that the patients are receiving the most appropriate care pathway supported by evidence based medicine. The three new members are:

Stanley J. Bigos MD

Professor Emeritus in the departments of Orthopedics and Environmental Health at the University of Washington

Dr. Bigos completed his medical studies and physical therapy training at the University of Missouri, and a spine fellowship with Dr. Alf Nachemson from the University of Gothenburg. He is an internationally recognized expert in spine and occupational injuries. His career promotes data driven care for spine and other musculoskeletal problems through reliable scientific outcomes research.

David Deitz MD, PhD

Vice-President and National Medical Director for Liberty Mutual Insurance Group

Dr. Deitz is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Medicine, and has completed post-graduate training at Harvard Medical School. He has 20 years of experience in managed medical care, guideline development, healthcare outcome evaluation and reporting, and utilization management system in both workers’ compensation and group health settings.

Ralph E. Gay MD

Assistant Professor and Practicing Physiatrist in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota

Board certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dr. Gay received a K07 career award from the NIH 2 and is active in clinical research, having contributed to projects related to spinal rehabilitation, manual medicine/manipulation, upper extremity rehabilitation, spine/disc biomechanics research, biomechanics of manually therapy research, and the outcomes of nonsurgical spine therapies. He has published a variety of articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented his researching findings at national, professional and scientific conferences.

Palladian welcomes Drs. Bigos, Deitz, and Gay to our distinguished advisory board. These physicians bring valuable years of experience in clinical scientific research, medical management and identifying treatments for musculoskeletal conditions,” said Kevin Cichocki, DC, President and Chief Clinical Officer of Palladian. “It is an honor to have physicians’ of this caliber join our Clinical Policy & Advisory Board.” Additional members of the Advisory Board include Dr. Scott Haldeman, Dr. William Watters, Dr. Lawrence Bone, Dr. Roger Chou, Dr. Robert Gatchel, Dr. Kevin Gibbons, Dr. Richard Guyer, Dr. John Mayer, Dr. Carl Noe, and Dr. Margareta Nordin. Ex Officio’s Dr. Nicholas Aquino and Dr. Bruce Hodges.