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About Palladian Health

Palladian Health was founded in Western New York almost twenty years ago as a chiropractic network and care management organization, working with major payers in the Northeastern U.S. to improve patient outcomes while reducing unnecessary medical expense.

Its range of service offerings evolved over the years to include Coordinated Spine Care in 2008, a proprietary process which improves the assessment and management of musculoskeletal pain from spinal disorders and promotes evidence-based decision making throughout the care cycle.

In 2015, Summer Street Capital became the control owner of Palladian, putting a new leadership team into place. Palladian is now a leading NCQA-certified, URAC accredited musculoskeletal care management company focused on care management in orthopedics, physical therapy, chiropractic and related spine pain services partnering with payers across the United States.

Today, Palladian’s broadened targeted customer base includes health insurers, TPAs, ACOs and large self‐funded groups focusing on the biomechanics, structure and function of the spine, its effects on the musculoskeletal system and synchronicity of these systems as they relate to the preservation and restoration of health.

The company’s expanded offerings now include a multitude of strategic options and delivery systems proven to improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, including the ability to seamlessly integrate its value-based care management algorithms within a payer’s existing utilization management infrastructure.

Palladian’s care guidelines and proprietary algorithms -- developed and continuously updated by a distinguished panel of nationally renowned medical experts from a wide range of specialties -- are utilized to deliver high quality and effective results which maximize patient outcomes and eliminate unnecessary procedures and costs from the system.

We provide the best access for clinically excellent and affordable musculoskeletal health. We are dedicated to improving the coordination of patient care, enhancing the clinical effectiveness and efficiency of caregivers and, ultimately, improving the quality of people's lives.


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Musculoskeletal Services

As a managed care company, Palladian Health provides services to determine medical necessity, using a utilization management model or a clinical decision support model, to manage musculoskeletal conditions and spine-related pain. Evidence-based medical guidelines form the basis of our approach to conservative and intermediate care as well as advanced procedures. These guidelines have been established by the Palladian Health Clinical Policy Advisory Board, comprised of renowned medical professionals from across the United States.

Conservative Care

Palladian’s proprietary online approval process and evidence-based clinical guidelines determine an appropriate course of conservative (non-invasive) care, for the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions and the management of spinally-related pain.

Intermediate Procedures

Palladian’s evidence-based guidelines serve as the basis for making determinations on the appropriateness of intermediate diagnostic procedures including diagnostic imaging, advanced spinal imaging (CT and MRI), as well as electro-diagnostic procedures.

Advanced Procedures

Palladian’s care model focuses on the relationship between physicians and their patients, coordinating and integrating medically necessary injections and surgeries, to provide optimal patient outcomes and cost-effective treatment.

Other Services

Palladian Health offers a number of related services which support and complement our musculoskeletal services.

Population Health Management

Palladian offers a best-in-class population health management program that brings together clinical, financial and operational data from across the enterprise and provides actionable advanced analytics for providers and payers to improve efficiency and patient care.

Opioid Management Program

Palladian offers a preventive program which helps to stem the growing tide of dependence on prescription painkillers. The program provides evidence-based clinical decision support for prescribers, member outreach, network coordination and advanced population analytics.